BETTER PROJECT OF WATER BIOENGINEERING: Henning Günter.- Potentials and application of floating blue-green infrastructures for rainwater management in urban áreas

BETTER PROJECT OF SOIL BIOENGINEERING: Gina Sorolla.- Construction of a Krainer framework and a wooden pavement in the Camino del Bosque in the Roques Blanques Regional Cemetery in El Papiol, Barcelona

BETTER COMMUNICATION IN THE CONFERENECE: Gianluigi Pirrera.- New scenarios from ecological restoration work to contain the risk of desertification in Custonaci

SPECIAL MENTION ECOMED PROJECT: Luis Sanz Azcárate (Gobierno de Navarra GAN-NIK). The scientific committee of the X Congress AEIP APENA EFIB ECOMED grants special mention to Gobierno de Navarra and GAN NIK  for the river restoration and the use of Water Bioengineering in the projects H2O GUREA and IREKIBAI.



The ECOMEDBIO EFIB Award-European Soil and Water  Bioengineering sponsored by the ECOMED Project is established to reward authors of restoration projects in which Soil and Water  Bioengineering techniques are beeing usede and are representative of  the best professional practices at European level presenting on the Conference.

The Prize is open to all Bioengineering and restoration projects materialized in the 5 calendar years prior to the announcement of the Prize, either at project or execution level.

Three categories are defined:

  • Better project of Water Bioengineering
  • Better project of Soil Bioengineering of slopes
  • Better comunication in the congress

The jury,  instaured by the jury , will decide two of the three prizes, the third, of better communication, will be an election of the public attending the congress

The Prize consists of: an economic amoumt of € 1,000, for each of the two projects awarded by the scientific committee, a certificate of accreditation and a free registration to the congress for the three winning communications.

For more information you can see  the bases of the prize in the website  of the Conference.