Castiza, chulapa, cosmopolitan and modern. A city of palaces and bars. This is Madrid. It’s effervescent either as Coca-Cola or as the more distinguished champagne, just depending on the place, the time, or the company. It’s a city of gray dawns and Technicolor nights. A city for all, with braided avenues, parks and neighborhoods for strolling around and getting lost.


Placed between sensibility and the chimera, it combines business, fun, culture, gastronomy, reasoning and spirituality thanks to its amazing self-confidence. Everything fits in it, and in a fast rhythm. Moving from a breakfast with ‘churros’ to a contract signature, to aclay pot cooked ‘cocido’, to an art exhibition, beers (‘cañas’) or to a concert at any of the infinite rooms present all over the town at a breakneck speed. With a bit of luck, in the meantime one cancome across the headless ghost of the Church of San Ginés or the Raimunda’s ghost in the Linares’Palace.

Those who access Madrid through the pedestrian bridge linking the Park of Rome toMoratalaz are promised the heaven. This city is made for joy. No fears. The ghosts dwelling in Madrid are compatible with the GPS.